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Fe Zyme ™ (Iron)


Fe-Zyme ™ is an iron formula designed to support suboptimal iron levels in the body. Not only does Fe-Zyme™ provide a highly bioavailable form of iron, ferrous bisglycinate, it includes nutrient synergists such as vitamin B12, zinc, copper, ascorbic acid, and Biotics Research’s proprietary vegetable culture to assist with iron uptake and utilization.

Unlike other forms of iron, ferrous bisglycinate has superior absorption with no gastrointestinal side effects such as nausea, constipation and gastric upset, giving healthcare professionals a better option for patients. Ferrous bisglycinate is a nutritionally functional mineral amino acid chelate and shows higher bioavailability when compared to other iron salt forms. In one study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, iron absorption was observed among ferrous sulfate, ferrous bisglycinate and ferric trisglycinate and the researchers concluded that iron from ferrous bisglycinate was best absorbed.

Iron is an important nutrient and plays an important role in tissue oxygenation, immune function, connective tissue integrity, cardiovascular health and cognitive development. It is also found in hemoglobin, myoglobin, ferritin and other enzymes. Although iron can be found in many foods such as fresh green leafy vegetables, corn and beans, absorption from plant sources is poor. Red meat is also high in iron, however, many people restrict red meat from their diet. As a result, it is estimated that a staggering 2 billion people (over 30% of the world’s population) suffer from iron deficiency anemia worldwide.

Because of menses, iron deficiency is more common in females and contributes to chronic fatigue and lethargy. Fe-Zyme ™ can be used to replete iron in cases of deficiency caused by poor diet or malabsorption issues such as mucosal damage and inflammation from food allergies, dysbiosis or the use of some medications. Fe-Zyme ™ is ideal for those patients needing to replete iron stores as a result of these scenarios.

Also, studies have shown iron supplementation to improve physical fitness and cognitive performance in children where iron need has been determined.

Size: 100 Tablets

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