Breast Thermography Scans

Breast Thermography scans provide a non-invasive and radiation-free approach to breast health monitoring. Our naturopathic doctors utilize thermography as a proactive tool for early detection of potential breast abnormalities by capturing thermal images that highlight variations in temperature. Thermography excels in identifying tissue changes long before structural alterations appear on conventional breast imaging, making it an invaluable screening option, particularly for individuals with dense breast tissue. According to the American Cancer Society, early detection of breast cancer bumps up the 5-year relative survival rate to 99%.

In addition to breast health assessments, our advanced thermography technology extends its benefits to evaluating thyroid function, lymphatic activity, and carotid health. This multi-faceted application allows us to comprehensively assess your overall well-being, providing insights into potential areas of concern beyond breast health alone. By integrating thermography into our holistic approach, we empower our patients to take charge of their health, fostering a preventive mindset that aligns with the principles of naturopathic medicine. Experience the comfort and precision of thermography scans at our center, as we prioritize your well-being through cutting-edge technology and personalized care.