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Drs. Ng and Feagan met while attending medical school at Bastyr University, right here in San Diego. After four years of studying and working together during clinical rotations, they learned they have a very similar philosophy regarding medicine and patient care. This common philosophy developed into a vision for practicing that became BioMed Health Center.

Dr. Anna Feagan

dr. anna feagan

Dr. Anna Feagan is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Co-founder of BioMed Health Center. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Miami she worked at a neurofeedback clinic in Boston, Massachusetts where she specialized in treating children with ADHD and Autism. It was here that she learned how patients can benefit from natural medicine. She soon fostered a passion for natural solutions to health problems and was inspired to pursue a degree in naturopathic medicine.

In her practice Dr. Feagan helps her patients by optimizing functioning at the cellular level. She specializes in men and women’s hormonal health, anti-aging medicine, gut health and regenerative injection therapies. To complement her naturopathic medical degree Dr. Feagan has received additional training in IV therapy, ozone therapy, prolotherapy, and hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Feagan has a passion for traveling, the outdoors, and can be found surfing in her free time. She values her own health because it allows her to be active. She believes everyone deserves to have the health to pursue their own passions at any age, and this belief is the driving force behind Dr. Feagan’s practice.

Dr. Garek Ng

dr. Garek ng

Dr. Garek Ng is Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and co-founder and owner of BioMed Health Center. He was raised near Detroit, MI and received his Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University. He then went on to complete his medical training at Bastyr University in San Diego, CA. His practice emphasizes the use of nutrition and lifestyle to attain optimal human biochemistry and physiology, supported by the use of vitamins, supplements and natural hormones. He also specializes in critical lab analysis, regenerative joint injections, IV therapy, ozone therapy, and true primary care and general practice.

Dr. Ng’s passion for natural medicine was instilled by his father, a practicing holistic MD and, along with Dr. David Brownstein, MD, the founder of the Center for Holistic Medicine in Detroit, Michigan. He was introduced to natural approaches to health care at an early age through his upbringing at his father’s clinic and in the home. During his time off, Dr. Ng is an avid tennis player, skier, hiker, cyclist, and a devoted Detroit sports fan. These passions drive the pursuit of good health.

We are proud to announce a new practitioner in the BioMed Health Center suite!

Christina, owner/provider at La Jolla Acne Specialists, has been a licensed Esthetician and certified Acne Specialist since 2011. During this time she has treated many skin conditions and issues, ranging from acne (her favorite, and as of the last several years, exclusive focus) to anti-aging, skin sensitivities, sun damage and rosacea, to name a few.

Having dealt with acne herself and experiencing how debilitating it can be, she decided to make that her passion and is well-versed in the many different causes of acne formation. She possesses extensive knowledge of which comedogenic ingredients should be avoided, how diet plays a role in the clarity of our skin, what supplements assist in clearing acne and which ones contribute, as well as, creating personalized home and clinic regimens using the most effective ingredients and protocols known to acne sufferers! If Acne is negatively impacting your life and you feel like you have tried everything under the sun to no avail, LJAS is here.

Christina is the only 100% Acne-based, Face Reality Certified provider in La Jolla/San Diego offering the FDA-Approved, award-winning Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy to complement and boost your Acne Treatments!