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ATP Boost (Hakala Research)



ATP-Boost from Hakala Research is a combination of Vitamin B2 and B3. Each tablet combines B2 (100mg of Riboflavin) and B3 (500mg of Niacin as Insoitol Hexanicotinate, a no-flush niacin). This specific combination and dosage ensures Iodine is activated once inside the cell.

ATP Boost: for more efficient energy production. Stay on the all-natural pathway toward optimal health, improved energy levels, and an increased sense of wellness. ATP Boost’s combination of B2 and B3 vitamins encourage the conversion of calories into energy. Additionally, ATP Boost aids in the repair of organification disorder. This defect occurs when iodine enters a cell, but does not attach to the lipid complex for activation.

Product Details:

  • Each tablet contains 100mg of riboflavin (B2) and 500mg of niacin (B3), which are important to the cofactors known as NADH and FADH2.

  • These cofactors provide support for an improvement in the production of ATP and cellular energy.

  • A key player in whole body iodine support, ensuring the activation of Iodine within the cells.

  • Helps transport iodine to target tissues.

Size: 90 Tabs

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