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Canopy Humidifier (Green)


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Canopy Humidifier


  • Canopy Humidifier
  • Canopy Filter
  • Aroma Sample Kit (1 Aroma, 1 Aroma Puck)

Easy Breathing & Better Sleep

Alleviate cough, nasal congestion and other symptoms of cold, flu, and allergies

Soft, Healthy Skin

Helps to prevent dry, itchy skin and relieve symptoms of eczema

Healthy, Happy Home

Helps to reduce the spread of airborne viruses indoors

Boost Your Mood With Aromas 

Clean, evaporative aroma diffusion built in

Effortlessly Hydrated Skin

Combats dryness, sensitivity, dullness, and fine lines & wrinkles

Healthy Skin Barrier

Increased barrier function protects from bacteria and pollution

Supercharge Your Skincare

Enhanced efficacy of topical products

A completely reimagined humidifier that promotes healthy skin and alleviates symptoms of cold and flu.

  • Hydrates rooms up to 500 square feet
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • 2.5 liter tank, up to 36 hours of running time
  • Sensors maintain optimal moisture day and night
  • USB-C power cord included
  • 3lbs (1.5kg), 10in x 7in x 8.5in

The Only Mold-Inhibiting Humidifier

Smart Persistent Airflow (SPA)™

  • Smart sensors know to continue running until the unit is completely dry inside. No water left behind means mold can’t grow.

Clean Moisture

  • No mist – just filtered, hydrated air

Inhibits Mold

  • Unique technology combats mold growth

Easy Clean

  • Easy to handle, dishwasher safe parts.

Clean Aroma Diffusion

  • Place the aroma puck on top and add fragrance oil
Paper Filter
  • Water evaporates off of filter, leaving contaminants behind
Auto Mode
  • Increased humidity at night when your skin needs it the most

How it Works

Step 1: Water flows out of the tank into the tray
Step 2: Water is treated by passing through UV light
Step 3: Water is absorbed through the filter, then evaporated by the fan
Step 4: Clean, hydrated air is invisibly dispensed
Canopy Humidifier

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