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Prenatal Multi (Needed)


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Prenatal Multi

The most complete Prenatal in a vanilla-powder. Includes 24 vitamins and minerals in optimal forms and dosages you need to thrive*.

Easy-to-take Prenatal in vanilla powder form. We formulated our Prenatal Multi in collaboration with perinatal practitioners, using data from testing thousands of mamas’ nutrient levels to support you to thrive, not just survive. Our Prenatal Multi includes 24 vitamins and minerals in optimal forms and dosages that mamas and babies need*. Take it before, during, after pregnancy— and even beyond.

Contains essential nutrients to support optimal nourishment, in dosages designed to help you thrive – since many of these nutrients are bulky, they cannot be provided by a 1-2 capsule serving size*. Each serving includes 200mcg of active B12 (most prenatals dose too low to support optimal levels), 400mg of Choline, 4,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 (2-4x what others include), 900mcg DFE of methylated form of Folate, and minerals bound to Glycine for best absorption and digestive comfort* What’s not in our Prenatal Multi is as important as what is. You won’t find: unnecessary fillers, poor nutrient forms like Folic Acid, unsustainably-sourced ingredients (like Vegan D3), high heavy metal loads, and nutrients better taken separately including Omega-3 and Iron.

Mix two scoops into a smoothie or beverage of choice (fresh juice, nut or dairy milk) alongside a full meal. It can also be mixed into soft food like yogurt or oatmeal. We do not recommend cooking with the Multi Powder, or mixing it into foods or drinks when at a temperature that is too hot to eat/drink. Since many of the nutrients are quite energizing, avoid consuming within five hours of bedtime. When transitioning from a less complete multi, start with ½ scoop, working your way up to two full scoops/day. Do not take the powder on an empty stomach or with only water or nut milk. A more substantial meal is recommended. We designed our Prenatal Multi to be taken with our Omega-3, Collagen Protein, and Pre/Probiotic. Together, these products optimally nourish mama and baby before, during, and after pregnancy.

Size: 9.5 oz