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EstroDIM ® (Read Description to Order!)



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EstroDIM ® is a targeted supplement that combines the synergistic benefits of the cruciferous vegetable metabolites indole-3-carbinol (I3C) and 3-3’-diindolylmethane (DIM) to support balanced estrogen metabolism. Formulating I3C and DIM together creates the ideal combination of beneficial metabolites that work together to support estrogen balance, breast and prostate health. EstroDIM

The Health Benefits of Cruciferous Vegetable Metabolites
Many of the health benefits derived from eating cruciferous vegetables (e.g., cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.), especially those shown to be beneficial for breast and prostate health, are thought to be derived from the group of secondary metabolites known as glucosinolates. When these vegetables are cut, crushed or chewed, the actions of the enzyme myrosinase (released from the plant cells) hydrolyses these glucosinolates into other compounds. For instance, glucosinolates from broccoli and Brussels sprouts readily convert into I3C when consumed. I3C can then be further converted via stomach acid into other health promoting compounds, including DIM. These compounds have generally been thought to be responsible for the various cellular activities that lead to hormone health.

Estrogen collectively refers to the female hormones estrone (E1), estradiol (E2) and estriol (E3). Estrogen is an important hormone messenger that interacts with cells throughout the body including tissues that are more sensitive to estrogen such as breast and prostate tissues. The most important message hormones deliver is to grow, divide and multiply. For this reason, hormones (especially estrogen) are critically important in human development and tissue repair. However, estrogen’s proliferative effects must be balanced and controlled for optimal health. Therefore, to ensure proper hormonal balance, estrogen synthesis and detoxification should be supported. Estrogen has several downstream metabolites, of which some are beneficial while others possess potentially harmful biological activity. By keeping hormones in balance and ensuring the body can process estrogen properly, cruciferous vegetable metabolites (i.e., I3C and DIM) work together to maintain cellular health.

Preclinical data on I3C and DIM suggest that these phytonutrient metabolites have a strong potential for supporting breast, cervical, endometrium, and prostate health. Together I3C and DIM promote the metabolism of the more favorable and protective estrogen metabolite, 2-hydroxyesterone (2-OHE) versus production of the less favorable 4-hydroxyesterone (4-OHE) and 16-α-hydroxyesterone (16-αOHE). In contrast to 2-OHE, both 4-OHE and 16-αOHE have been shown to overstimulate cells and create free radicals that contribute to DNA damage.7,8 Several human supplementation studies with both male and female subjects consistently show that urinary levels of 2-OHE and the ratio of 2-OHE to 16-αOHE increase following supplementation with I3C. The increases seen in the ratio of 2-OHE to 16-αOHE in subjects supplementing with I3C are advantageous as this ratio of estrogen metabolites is a marker of a more favorable estrogen metabolite profile. With this in mind, EstroDIM ® is formulated with targeted doses of both I3C and DIM in one capsule per day to make the daily balancing of hormones easy and convenient.

Size: 30/60 Capsules

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