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Ozone Therapy for Joint Pain

Ozone Therapy for Joints

Ozone has been studied in the treatment of a variety of diseases and health conditions. The results of these studies show that the potential of this molecule to create a drastic impact on your health is very high. But what exactly is ozone and for what conditions can it be used? One condition this therapy has shown to be effective in treating is joint pain, so let’s take a closer look at just how this is possible.

What are Common Causes of Joint Pain?

Osteoarthritis is a very common inflammatory disorder of the joints characterized by pain, stiffness, sensation of grinding, loss of cartilage, and formation of bone spurs in the affected area. OA is a progressive disease and affects the knee joint most commonly. It occurs more frequently in joints that have been overused, AKA in highly active people. Current medical treatment of this disease revolves around controlling pain and inflammation with medications such as Ibuprofen, which do nothing to actually slow the progression of the disorder. But fear not, there is a therapy that is showing to be highly effective in regenerating joint integrity and controlling pain… guessed it, ozone!

How Ozone Works

So how does ozone work its miracle in the joint? Well to understand that we need to get to the root of chronic musculoskeletal pain disorders like joint pain. At the root of these disorders is oxidative stress and inflammation. This stress and inflammation leads to degeneration of tissue like cartilage and bone which further exacerbates the experience of pain. Ozone is remarkable in its ability to penetrate and dissolve into tissues readily. Once in the body, it stimulates a cascade of antioxidant formation in the area of injection that leads to rapid healing and regeneration of tissue. Additionally, this response triggers anti-inflammatory substances in the body and thus leads to pain reduction. And the benefits do not stop there. In degenerated tissue such as seen in herniated discs, ozone has been shown to oxidize severely damaged tissue leading to relief of nerve compression and reduction of lower back pain. Ozone has been seen in multiple studies to reduce pain, improve mobility, and slow disease progression in chronic musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis.

Other Uses of Ozone

Ozone therapy has many more uses than just as an injection therapy for musculoskeletal pain. It has also shown efficacy in treating chronic infection, decreasing wound healing time, increasing circulation, and increasing cellular energy – just to name a few. It appears that we are just now tapping into all the wonderful effects of ozone. If you are suffering from any chronic joint problems, ozone injection therapy may be a safe and effective way to restore your function and get you back to a pain free life. Book a complimentary consult with one of our doctors to see if this therapy is right for you.


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